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Service-Based Entrepreneurs…

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed, living under a pile of to-do lists? 

Do you have a hard time disconnecting from your work and clients, making it difficult to enjoy a personal life?

Do you leave work feeling mentally and physically exhausted?

Do you lack clarity,  focus and passion for your business?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to not endure this unnecessary suffering and stress and instead were living a life full of bliss, energy and balance?

I’d love to support you in reclaiming your balance, energy and inspiration so that you can live life with less stress and more blissfulness!

Please join me for my:

create I designed this program to be the first essential step for you, a service based entrepreneur, to really gain control on your stressed out life and get back in balance with renewed energy so that you can reclaim inspiration in your life and business!

With this 3 step proven system, you’ll learn….

* How to bring more self and awareness into your life and body so that you can effectively manage your stress
* Discover how to let go of what no longer serves you in your life and business and how to stay present to what really matters
* Learn the tools necessary to become more focused on your business and create more of what you desire
* How to bring more fun and pleasure into your life and business which will inspire more creativity
* How to integrate a balance of receiving by learning how to say an “empowered NO”
* How to get the spiritual support you desire
* …. And much more!

 The 3 Step System to Create Passion & Purpose as an Entrepreneur 6 Week Course includes…

* 3 Step System Video Training: Align, Embody, Express

{Week 1} Awareness of Self
{Week 2} Getting Present + Making Space
{Week 3} The Power of Appreciation
{Week 4} Embody Your Bliss
{Week 5} “YES” to Yourself!
{Week 6} Recognizing Spiritual Support + Signs

IMG_1424* Weekly Alignment Activities

* Workbook Materials for each week’s training

* (# of) Guided Meditations (downloadable MP3 files)

* Private Facebook Community Only for Program Participants

* Weekly Inspirational & Inspiring Card Readings for your Business

* LIVE Call: Creating Your Spiritual Support Team and Tuning Into Your Internal Guidance (60 Minutes)

* BONUS #1 How to Communicate with your Angels Call (Value $97)

With this bonus, I’ll teach you how to harness your intuition and connect with your own angels to support you in moving forward in your life and business!  When you register below, you’ll receive immediate access to this bonus!

* BONUS #2 Goodnight Sleep Meditation (Value $97)

Want to learn how to sleep more peacefully and soundly at night? With this 20 minute guided meditation, you can learn to sleep more soundly when you add this meditation to your daily routine.  When you register below, you’ll receive immediate access to this bonus!dash

createRegular Investment: $497


ONLY $197

BUY NOWmeetIMG_1419As an Entrepreneur for the past 15 years and a Spiritual Mentor for the past 6 years, I’ve gone from Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner –making money doing what I love and empowering others to do the same. I work with Entrepreneurs on a deep level, helping them reclaim the confidence, trust, and tools needed to harness their intuition, reconnect with their Big Purpose, and make it a reality.  And I created this free training because I am inspired and passionate about empowering  others to be the Leader in their life and business.

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what autra“Many people have noticed my improved mood and sense of happiness since working with Jennifer. I feel a sort of release of control of my life. Not that I feel like my life is out of control, but I feel like I’m more empowered to accept things as they are and to allow for the things I want to come to me instead of trying to force things all the time. I still have my downs, but they are much more manageable and don’t last nearly as long as they used to. And I know they will become fewer and further between.

I feel much more guided in my future path as well. I knew that I’ve always had an intuitive ability, but never trusted myself. Life has become easier now that I trust myself and my intuition much more.”

– Autra Jefferson Oliver | www.weddingseclectic.com

“Before working with Jennifer, I was having difficulty hearing my own intuition. Jen helped me relearn how to access my intuition and build my trust that the universe can care for the things I used to try to control in my life. Since my work with Jen, I have been more able to check in with myself and feel my intuition using techniques and exercises that she taught me to utilize. As a result, I am more able to speak my truth, especially with my parents and in close relationships. Being able to do so helps me avoid resentment and feel truer to myself.

I would recommend working with Jennifer because she meets you where you’re at in life, provides you a safe and supported place to work through remaining chords and barriers to fulfilling your ideal future, and gives you the tools to manifest and fulfill your heart’s desire. I’m grateful for the healing and strength I gained from my sessions with Jen and will continue to use her services in the future.”

– Danielle Foster