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Are you ready to get organized and create a plan for having the wedding of your dreams (and not someone else’s)?

Do you want to spend time and energy on things that matter most to you when planning your wedding?

Do you want to learn how to deal with wedding vendors (AND in-laws) so that you can maintain harmonious relationships throughout your engagement?

Are you ready to set the tone for your very own happily ever after?

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is a big commitment, and takes lots of time, energy, money, resources and preparation. It’s also no secret that planning your dream wedding can try your patience, strain your relationships with family members and future in-law’s as you work to meet their expectations, and take a toll on you emotionally and physically too.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to be a Blissful Bride and not endure this unnecessary suffering and stress that often comes while planning your wedding?!

I’d love to support you in having your entire wedding experience – from your Engagement to the Big Day – be a dream come true by helping you feel like a Blissful Bride!

Please join me for:

self pacelines The Blissful Bride Self-Paced Program is designed to support Brides in starting your new life off on the right footing by getting the support you need to keep your engagement Glow from “Yes” to “I Do!” and beyond!  I designed this program to be the first essential step for newly engaged brides to ensure your happily ever after… so that you can experience a lifetime of happiness and bliss as a new Mrs.!

 The Blissful Bride Self-Paced Program includes…

linesModule 1: Blissful Clarity

It is important to get crystal clear on what YOUR dream wedding looks like so you can create a plan that supports you and ensures that your wedding day is all you dreamed of and more. With this module, you’ll get access to meditations and exercises that will help you get clear on what YOUR dream wedding looks like.

Module 2: Blissful Breakthroughs

With this module, we’ll take a look at what is causing you stress as you are planning your wedding and find out what’s standing in the way of you and your dream wedding. I work with my private clients a lot on this very topic to help them not only enjoy their wedding, Wedding flowersbut to help them to set the tone for a soulful marriage, and in this module you’ll get access to one of my favorite exercises to support you in breaking through any obstacles standing in your way.

Module 3: Blissful Resourcing

Balance in your schedule is going to be key for you during this busy time of planning your wedding. Time and time again I have seen brides get so overwhelmed and stressed out with all the to-do’s on their lists, that they end up wishing they could skip ahead to the honeymoon and be done with it all. I know you don’t want that, so I have put together this module and exercises to help ensure that you stay balanced and resourceful.

Module 4: Blissful Bridal Plan

Throughout this planning process, you’ll want to make sure that you have planned for as much as possible in advance so that you can stay blissful and stress free.  This module includes support and exercises that are designed to ensure you remain blissful.  With this module, you’ll create your very own Wedding Week Bliss Plan and Wedding Day Bridal Bliss Plan!

30 minute Bridal Empowerment Session

Included with your Blissful Bride Self-Paced Program will be a 30 minute Bridal Empowerment Session.  With this 30 minute session, we’ll work with one-on-one to ensure that you remain calm and relaxed and empowered throughout your engagement and wedding experience.  After this call, you’ll be on your way to having an incredible wedding experience – from ‘yes’ to ‘I Do!’!


lines“The Blissful Bride Stress-Less Kit” (Value $297)

I’ve put together these 3 guided meditations to support you in dealing with the stress that comes with planning a wedding, so that you go into your Big Day as a truly blissful bride who enjoys every minute of your Dream Wedding!

This kit includes:

~ Meditations (MP3 fles)
* Releasing Stress from your body
* Goodnights Sleep
* Bridal Stress to Bridal Bliss 2-Part Training Series
~ Journaling Exercise (.pdf)

lines“Before Your Vows Kit” (Value $297)

This kit includes:

Wedding rings 11.Do you want to write or choose heartfelt vows that come from an authentic and meaningful place? The Before Your Vows Kit will help you do just that!

~ Template to guide you in choosing or writing your own vows from an authentic, meaningful place.
~ Training call on how to be present and say your vows with a heartfelt connection to your partner on the day of your wedding.
~ Guided Mediation to help you write and speak your vows from a place of authentic connection.
~ Day of Intention Setting Meditation to support you in feeling calm, radiant and present throughout your entire wedding day experience

lines“How to Look and Feel Radiant In Your Photos Kit” (Value $297)

After your wedding, your photos will be keepsakes you look at for years to come to remember your special day! This kit was designed to support you in looking and feeling your best on your Wedding Day!

This kit includes:

~ Bonus Tips for having your hair and makeup look just as you want
~ Day of Intention Setting Meditation to support you in feeling calm and radiant so that you feel present for your entire wedding experience
~ Training tips on how to take embodied radiant photos.

linesMeditation Training Kit (Value $297)

Want to add meditation as a part of your daily routine? This kit is designed to support you in doing just that! (This is great for everyone, not just for brides!)

This kit includes:

~ 3 part Meditation Series
~ 10 minute jump start your day meditation
~ 20 minute  Guided Intention Setting Meditation
~ 20 minute Good Nights Sleep Meditation
~ How to Communicate With Your Angels Telecall

linesBridal Hair & Make-up Trial (Value $145)

10501830_798823933494131_8179807585337022217_nIn addition to Bridal Coaching, Jennifer also provides her clients with a warm, comfortable and relaxing environment as Bridal Stylist + Make Up Artist in the Sacramento, CA area. This bonus is available to brides in the Sacramento, CA area only and is subject to availability, on a first come, first served basis.

Anthony logoFREE from A&A Music Events (Value $500)

A&A Music Events are experts when it comes to making sure your wedding is a fun, musical event that runs smoothly. When you purchase A&A Music Event’s Jubilation package (click here for full details on all programs offered), you’ll receive the Uplight & Monogram for Bride & Groom, a $500 value,  for FREE.

lineszxxxRegular Investment: $997


ONLY $197

BUY NOWI want to congratulate you again on your upcoming wedding!  I would love for you to start your new life off by getting the support you need to make sure you that stay a radiant and blissful bride throughout your wedding planning experience.   CLICK HERE to sign up for The Blissful Bride Self-Paced Program today!


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