bride banner questionbrideIt’s no secret that planning a wedding is a big commitment, and takes lots of time, energy, money, resources and preparation. It’s also no secret that planning your dream wedding can try your patience, strain your relationships with family members and future in-law’s as you work to meet their expectations, and take a toll on you emotionally and physically too.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to be a Blissful Bride and not endure this unnecessary suffering and stress that often comes while planning your wedding?!

I’d love to support you in having your entire wedding experience – from your Engagement to the Big Day – be a dream come true by helping you feel like a Blissful Bride!

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“From Bridal Stress to Bridal Bliss”



On our second call, you’ll learn how to …

* Overcome overwhelm on your Wedding Day

* Create your hair and makeup vision

* Have Blissful Wedding photos by learning my best photo & visibility tips

* How to delegate emotional & logistical support for the day of your wedding

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“From Bridal Stress to Bridal Bliss”

I’ve  worked in the bridal industry for 15 years, and noticed that it has become an accepted belief that as a bride you WILL be completely stressed out and overwhelmed while planning the wedding of your dreams. I am here to saythat is simply NOT true!

On this free training series, you’ll learn that with the proper tools and support, you truly can keep your engagement GLOW,  from “YES” to “I do”.  I look forward to sharing some valuable tools that you can put into action immediately so that you can enjoy your entire wedding experience!



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PS: If you missed call #1, How to Avoid Massive Meltdowns While Planning Your Dream Wedding, you’ll also get access to it when you sign up for the Call #2 recording!

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“From Bridal Stress to Bridal Bliss”