Do you trust your intuition?

“Your intuition is the most honest friend that you will ever have.” – Doe Zantamata

I love this quote… because it’s SO true!

Rather you know it or not, each one of us has intuition! Some refer to it as a “gut” feeling. It’s that little feeling steering you in a certain direction.

And over the years, I have really learned how to listen to my intuition. And it’s led me to some really cool experiences!  Check this out...

I was scheduling a client and “accidentally” scheduled her at an odd time leaving me with a 45 min gap.  Not quite enough time for another client and extending my day longer.  Generally I schedule my clients closer together to make my time more efficient. But right as I was about to correct myself and tell the client I meant to say an earlier time… I heard a thought that said.. no leave it. Even though it didn’t make sense I was aware enough to know this was my intuition and even though it didn’t make sense to me I decided to leave the gap in appointments. The day came and my client had a friend with her visiting, and she asked if by chance I had the time for her as well. In that moment I smiled and “why yes, I do“. I was immediately aware of why I had “accidentally” scheduled my client with that gap. Because I listened, I made an extra $150 and I made someones day by being able to fit her in. It was a win win.

And while it’s never steered me wrong, there’s have been times where I haven’t listened to my intuition.

I had a short break between clients with (in a perfect  world) just enough time to run an important errand.  I have created a habit of automatically grounding my path with intention and asking angels for green lights… especially when I am in a hurry :)   I was driving and had a quick fleeting thought to turn right and take a different less direct path. I quickly dismissed it thinking why would I do that?  Nah, I will go this way, its more direct. Well,  it turns out my more “direct way” had a light out and it took twice as long to get there and in turn I was 10 min late getting back to my appointment.   I realized as soon as  I saw the blinking red light that that whisper I ignored was my angels and intuition trying to guide me in a way that would have allowed me to avoid the detour and get back on time.

So, as you can tell, I would be much wiser to listen to it!

The great thing about consciously practicing your intuition muscle is these types of situation.. in both accounts, when I listened and when I didn’t both gave me a deeper validation to recognize and trust that quiet whisper of divine guidance.

Over in my Enlightened Entrepreneurs Facebook Community, we practice Empowered Intuition Thursday. It’s a day we talk intuition. (Want to join us? Click here to join!)

And today I want to hear from you – what are your thoughts on intuition? Do you trust yours more often than not? And if so, what have you done to follow your intuition this week? Anything cool happen as a result?  Please share a comment below!

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