3 Steps to Stop Incessant Worrying

worryWe all know what it is like to fall into that vicious cycle of incessant worrying….right? It can feel nearly impossible to shift out of it at times. This pattern leaves you feeling drained, unfocused and down right miserable. Even worse, you feel lost in the powerlessness of your “problem”.

Today I want to share 3 quick steps to shift worrisome thoughts into a feeling of empowerment.  The great thing is it only takes a few minutes to make this shift happen, so I hope you’ll check out the tips below!

  1. Awareness is key: As soon as you become conscious of your worrisome thoughts– stop for a moment, close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and belly and just breathe….bringing your awareness to your body and breath.
  1. Willingness to let it go: When worry is taking over your mind, there is a sense of trying to control something or a feeling of being out of control and powerless.  Allow yourself to let it go and ask for help by turning this problem or concern over to God/Universe. Surrendering this will allow for a quicker, more peaceful resolution to come to you.
  1. Decide how you want to feel: Really take a moment to ask yourself how do you want to feel instead? (ex. more peace, joy, ease, etc)  Now ask what is the next step I can take to align myself with this desire?  Make sure you commit and actually follow through on this action step.

Check in with yourself often. Whenever you bring awareness to the monkey mind, you have the opportunity to take your power back from the “problem” and make an empowered choice instead. This puts you back on track for blissful living.

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