{Blissful Bride Tip} Make Time for Self-Care

Are you feeling Blissful while planning your wedding? If not, no worries… I’m here to support you!  In fact, I’m so excited to share today’s Blissful Bride Tip with you!  It’s all about supporting you in having a Blissful wedding planning and preparing experience by putting YOURSELF first!

white-roses-wedding-bouquet-27You see, so often I hear brides declare they simply don’t have time to do things for themselves in the midst of all that comes with planning a wedding.  I see them spiraling into stress and overwhelm and having trouble making necessary decisions and accomplishing their to-do list.  The number one way to make sure you are getting everything done on your wedding checklist is actually a simple (and fun!) one:

Make yourself a top priority.

When you take the time out to rejuvenate, you will come with fresher perspective and you will have clarity around your vision and make better use of your time… So in a sense, keeping in balance with yourself through Self-Care is allowing you to create more time for things to happen in an organized way.

Need some Self-Care ideas?

Maybe you have a favorite hobby or yoga class you haven’t made time for…allow yourself to indulge in an activity that nourishes your body and soul.  That can look different for everyone and your needs may be different from day to day. Check in with yourself often and make time for pampering your body with massages, pedicures or facials.  Give yourself permission to take a break from wedding planning and read a book, take a walk in the park, or even just take a nap!  And, you can always go to a movie or make a date with your friend or fiance and make a pact to not talk about wedding.

As a Blissful Bride Coach, I love supporting brides in having an incredibly Blissful engagement and wedding experience. I’d love to offer you a complimentary Bridal Empowerment Session with me.  During this 30 minute call, I’ll support you in having a Blissful Breakthrough so that you can move forward with your wedding experience knowing that you are a Blissful Bride and will have the best Wedding Day ever.  To book your complimentary session, visit http://www.jennifer-gilchrist.com/session.

I look forward to connecting with those of you who reach out for a Bridal Empowerment Session so that you can indeed be a truly Blissful Bride! Go here to secure your spot…and I’ll talk with you soon!


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PS:  Have questions about being a Blissful Bride?  Or how to make Self-Care a priority through your wedding planning experience?  I’d love to hear from you!  Go here and post your questions for me. I’ll be sharing tips and answering your questions in future blogs.  I can’t wait to support you in being Blissful!

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