Do you feel like you’re planning the wedding of someone else’s dream?

Do you feel like there are way too many choices and not enough time, and it’s leaving you stressed?

Are you a soulful bride who wants to set the tone for your future with the love of your life by having a blissful wedding experience?

As a Bride-to-Be, you’ve probably figured out pretty quickly that planning a wedding is a big commitment, and takes lots of time, energy, money, resources and preparation. It’s also no secret that planning your dream wedding can try your patience, strain your relationships with family members and future in-law’s as you work to meet their expectations, and take a toll on you emotionally and physically too.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to be a Blissful Bride and not endure this unnecessary suffering and stress that often comes while planning your wedding?!

As a Blissful Bride Coach, my passion is to help brides enjoy the wedding planning process in a stress free, easy way that is authentic to YOU… and to help you look amazing too!

Here’s how The Blissful Bride Coaching Service can support you:

~ Learn how to relax + be stress free throughout your wedding planning process

~ Help you communicate your needs with family + friends

~ Enhance your makeup and hair styling for all of the upcoming events you will have leading up to your wedding.

~ Be comfortable with all the attention and pictures that will be taken that day.

~ Help you radiate you highest beauty on your Wedding Day

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As a Blissful Bride Coach, I love supporting brides in having an incredibly Blissful engagement and wedding experience and would love to offer you a complimentary Bridal Empowerment Session with me. For more info and to book your complimentary session click here.